Pura Goa Giri Putri


The life of Hindus in Bali and generally in Indonesia, can not be separated from religious ritual activities. Every day ritual ceremonies are always held, ranging from the smallest level (house) to greater (in the temple). Of course with the hope of prosperity and prosperity. With srada and devotion that is really sincere, holy, nirmala, people certainly hope to realize the purpose of life Moksartam jagatdhita ya ca iti dharma. For temples, many locations can be visited scattered throughout Bali. Until outside Bali even abroad. What about in Bali?

In Bali, one of them that can be addressed is Pura Goa Giri Putri. Exactly, if the ummah to this temple asks for the gift of inner welfare, for cheap sustenance, facilitated the way to success in the endeavor, peace of life, harmony and harmony of the household and ask for the grace of the benefit of mankind and others.


Goa is a place / hole big or small in the ground, either hilly or mountain that has a cavity with a certain width and length. Giri Putri, is the name given to a cave in Hamlet Karangsari, Suana, Nusa Penida. Giri means hill / mountains. Princess means beautiful woman. In the concept of Hindu teachings, the daughter in question is a symbolic for the power / supernatural power of God that has the nature of motherhood (femininity).

So Giri Putri Goa is intended as a hole that has a cavity, a space of a certain size as a place of residing the power / miracle of God in its manifestation of a beautiful woman / woman called ” Hyang Giri Putri ” which no other is one of his saktinya and power God in his form as Shiva.

Giri Putri Goa is located at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level. Has a length of about 310 meters and there are 6 places of worship / pelinggih. Before 1990, Goa Giri Putri is just a cave that used as a local tourist attraction, especially during the feast of Galungan and Kuningan. In addition to the water in the Garden of Goa made holy water / tirta (mainly by the community Karangsari) series with the holding ceremony Panca Yadnya.

As a form of preservation and preservation of Giri Putri Goa as a place of worship as well as spiritual and cultural tourism object, came the idea of building pelinggih-pelinggih as a place of worship to the gods who reside in Pura Goa Giri Putri. There are six pelinggih and the power of God who reside in Pura Goa Giri Putri include Pelinggih Hyang Tri Purusa, Pelinggih Hyang Wasuki, Pelinggih Hyang Giripati, Pelinggih Hyang Giri Putri, Pelinggih Payogan and Pelinggih Hyang Siwa Amerta, Sri Sedana / Ratu Syahbandar and Dewi Kwam Im .

Not only when the piodalan that took place in Purnamaning Kalima, Pura Goa Giri Putri always crowded visited pemedek every day. Moreover, Pura Goa Giri Putri included in the list of rows of temples that became the object of spiritual tourism in Nusa Penida. Not only Hindus, national high officials also often pray at Pura Goa Giri Putri, especially when there are activities in the District of Nusa Penida.


If the tangkil to Pura Giri Putri cave, when descending in the parking lot and then cross the street, pemedek directly facing the staircase (steps) which amounts to 110 steps. Up at the top, meet the first pelinggih (Pelinggih Hyang Tri Purusa) in the form of a Padmasana which is directly in front of the mouth of the cave.

Bendesa Pakraman Karangsari I Nyoman Dunia, S.Pd. and Pemangku Pura Goa Giri Putri Ketut Darma, MBA said, according to the niskala guidance that is often received by the supernatural, the malinggih in pelinggih it is the power of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi in his manifestation as Hyang Tri Purusa (teachings of Siwa Sidantha) consisting of Paramasiwa, Sadasiwa and Siwatma.


Paramasiwa means Nirguna-Brahman namely God in pure state / pure without being exposed to cyber influence. Eternal immortal, unchanged, unborn and not dead, wyapaka nirwikara and others. Sadasiwa namely saguna-brahman, God in the state of saguna (almighty), is supernatural, sacred and noble. While Siwatma namely God in cyberspace that became the source of life or soul for all beings.

Thus, the power of God worshiped in the first pelinggih that is Hyang Tri Purusa. Where, the place begs for the protection of all negative influences, the happiness of the inward and begging for guidance in carrying out life’s duties.


After praying at Pelinggih Tri Purusa, pemedek continued to enter the area of ​​Goa Giri Putri. The first impression for anyone who first tangkil to this temple, would be afraid, worried and thought impossible to enter because when you see the mouth of a small cave. Only one person can pass. However, the mind will disappear, when pemedek have entered the cave area. Small cave mouth will only be passed about 3 meters. Furthermore, pemedek will be stunned by the magic that exists and certainly did not think that the cave cavity is very wide and high, estimated to accommodate up to 5,000 people.

Once past the tunnel, pemedek again found the second pelinggih, namely Pelinggih Hyang Wasuki in the form of Sapta Petala. Hyang Wasuki is one of the manifestations of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa with rescuers, rescuers and wealth prosperity. Because Hyang Wasuki is manifested in the form of a golden scaly dragon glittering full of knick-knacks of pearls and crowns up to the tail.


Hyang Wasuki also always keep the balance of nature under (pertiwi) for the safety and prosperity of mankind and other creatures. ” Therefore, Hindu people who tangkil in pelinggih always ask for salvation, peace and tranquility of people in general and especially families, ” said Mangku Ketut Darma.

After performing prayers in Pelinggih Hyang Wasuki, pemedek continued praying in the third pelinggih form Padmasana. This pelinggih is a place to be owned by Hyang Giripati / Siwa, Penyineban Ida Batara and place of land.

In this pelinggih, before pemedek do praying, must perform Dasa Mala’s first march by appealing to the marriage of Ida Hyang Giri Putri, Dewi Gangga and Hyang Giri Pati for all papa klesa, sarva roga and things that are asuri sampat, good sekala or niskala can be diruwat, melted and destroyed. ” After the completion of the procession of pelukatatan, just done praying in front of Pelipih Giripati in order to apply pasupati melukatan so that our inner born apart from the negative things, ” said Bendesa Nyoman Dunia.


The next prayer is the fourth pelinggih which is the place to be Hyang Giri Putri. Before climbing the ladder, pemedek first encountered a pelinggih in the form of linggih Ida Ratu Tangkeb Langit as Ida Hyang Giri Putri guards. Because, must be known, after pemedek located in the sublime of Giri Putri, will be found Pelinggih Hyang Giri Putri side by side with Pelinggih Penyarih as place menstanakan symbols of gods and goddesses deer and Hair Sedana. The most unique of these pelinggih, namely its existence in the middle of the top of the cave wall. ” In order to tangkil and pray in this pelinggih, must climb the ladder first (now already made of car plates), ” said Ketut Darma stakeholders.

This dipelinggih, pemedek can ask for grace to realize life expectancy. Pemedek can also invoke the healing of the disease through the splash of the holy throne by the pemangku / elders / pemingsir entourage which was preceded by requesting permission from Hyang Giri Putri, Hyang Tri Purusa, Hyang Giri Pati, Hyang Wasuki, Hyang Mahadewa, Hyang Sri Sedana and Dewi Kwam Im.


There is also Pelinggih Payogan. This Pelinggih form Padmasana, actually in one room with Giri Putri. The distance is about 7 meters. As the name implies this pelinggih is a place of Hyang Giri Putri-Hyang Giri Pati. A special place doing tapa, yoga and semadi. The sage often refers to the place Ida Ratu Niyang-Ratu Kakiang. There is also a mention linggih Ida Hyang Shiva in the form of Tri Purusa.

Worshiping in this place is generally done simultaneously with in place of Hyang Giri Putri (ngayeng). Only, each pemedek is expected to regulate canang sari or pejati. If the pemedek wishes to silence (meditate), welcome to the will of the pemedek. The type of mantra used by Siwa Astawa or Seha in accordance with the ability pemedek.


Finally, Pelinggih Hyang Siwa Amerta, Sri Sedana / Ratu Syahbandar and Dewi Kwam im. This pelinggih is located at the southeastern end, where the pemedek can see clearly the sun rays that seem to give a sacred torch from the light of Sang Hyang Surya. In the pelinggih area, there are two pelinggih in the form of Padmasana where the gods / Hyang Siwa Amerta / Mahadewa and Gedongsari Linggih Ida Hyang Sri Sedana / Ratu Syahbandar, Ratu Ayu Mas Melanting and two statues of Kwam Im. All of them are the Merciful God, Compassionate and Merciful, Helpers, Wisdom and Gods of Prosperity.

In general, in this place is a blend of the concept of Shiva-Buddha and a place for pemedek to plead for the gift of inner-born welfare, for the sake of cheap sustenance, facilitated the way to success in trying, peace of life, harmony and harmony of the household and appealing for the benefit of mankind and others.