Telletubies Hills

Telletubies Hills nusa penida bali, over 30 rolling hills make an amazing view with the valley farm. No one thinks that we can find it in Nusa Penida. These hills look more beautiful during the rainy season, so fresh and green makes your eyes stunned. Mounds and indentations in hills that resemble small mountains with beautiful landscapes with green grasses like the Teletubbies film that makes this hill dubbed the hill of Teletubbies commonly called Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida.

Before called  Teletubbies Hills, the community of Nusa Penida used to call this hill with the name of Gamal tree hill because the plants that live in this hill are usually brought to feed their animals. After being named Teletubbies hill accidentally by visitors, the local people are also accustomed to name this Teletubbies hill. From Teletubbies hilltop visitors can also see houses that look small from the heights and beautiful views of the blue ocean visible from a distance.

Travel Nusa Penida Bali –  Telletubies Hills

If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of small hills with green grass, visitors should come not in the dry season because usually Teletubbies hill will look barren during the dry season, but it is better if it comes during the rainy season so you can see the beautiful green hill that presents the scenery amazing. For visitors who will get married if you want to capture pre wedding moment, Teletubbies Hill can be one of the right choice recommendation for photographer and prospective bride to capture precious moments before marriage.

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