Broken Beach

Broken Beach ( Pasih UUG)

Broken Beach (Pasih UUG) Bali- Broken Beach (Pasih Uug) nusa penida bali, the island is located on the island of Nusa Penida, Klungkung regency, this district consists of 3 small islands in the east of Bali Island, namely: Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Penida.

Broken Beach is about 25 km from Nusa Penida pier, Damage to the coral that currently is like a big hole in Pasih Uug it has a legend. From the story of the surrounding community, part of the whole coast was once a small village and some extraordinary events that happened to the inhabitants of the village.

Once upon a time there was a cow roaming the area of the village, and it is not known who the owner of the cow, because there is no owner, the community also catch and cut the cow, the meat was cooked and distributed to the surrounding community. In addition there are also selling meat until the village out.

Night changed, the morning was approaching. Suddenly an unknown boy came from here. The boy appears to be the owner of a cow that has been murdered by the surrounding community, with his eyes looking intently looking around the village the boy asked who had killed his beloved animal. No one confessed. Somehow there is fear when they look into the boy’s eyes. When asked many times and nobody claimed to be a villager, the boy took out 3 sticks and put them in the sand in the middle of the village.


“If anyone can pull this stick, then no one can kill my pet.”

And people in droves trying to pull out his wand. Everyone tries to pull a stick on the sand, but nothing works. The boy is angry, saying that all the villagers are liars, and then he pulls out the 3 sticks themselves. The ground below then collapsed. And it’s a hole like this now. The village disappears. The entire population is thought to be carried by the southern ocean waves. The boy is Missing without a trace.

When a resident who sells slices to another village returns to his home, he only finds a big hole. The village is gone. It is said, from his speech that this legend originated.

Now, broken Beach become the mainstay of Nusa Penida tourism. The shape is distinctive and beautiful, amaze tourists. The water is clear. We could see the bottom of the ‘ruins’ of the beach.


Travel Nusa Penida Bali – Broken Beach

Broken Beach has its own uniqueness. You can see the cliff in the center of the hole. Or a translucent tunnel. Sea water into the hole, so the water is like trapped in the middle of the tunnel. The shape can be practically circular with high cliffs around him. If you come here in the rainy season, at that time the grass begins to flourish, then the scenery around it will look green. But if you go there during the dry season, then the landscape will be barren.

But although arid, but still fascinating. Anyway really good, it never hurts to try to vacation to Nusa Penida. On top of the hollowed cliff, above it looks like a bridge and you walk on it. Maybe your holiday to Nusa Penida will be more fun if with friends or family. Pasih Uug or Broken Beach adjacent to Angel’s Billabong



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